Keyboard Layout Loader
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General information

This program allows you to install a third-party layout (not created by Microsoft). For example, if you want to have a Euro sign on your standard US keyboard, you can download US layout with Euro from this site and install it on your computer using this program. It works with Windows 95, Windows 95-OSR/2, Windows 98 and Windows ME operating systems as well as with Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP operating systems. You can restore your system to the Microsoft defaults by uninstalling this software.

When you start this program, you will get a list of installed keyboards, that should look like this:

Click on the fields on the picture for an explanation

Keyboard list
Keyboards that are listed above are the same keyboards that are installed via Control Panel, Keyboard applet. Each keyboard has an assigned layout which is indicated on the right side of the window, under the Layout label. You can Install some layout over the selected keyboard layout, or you can create a new layout and then install keyboard layout over that new layout.

Show reboot dialog
Show reboot dialog check box is used to enable/disable the reboot message that is invoked every time you install a layout. It has different behaviour in different operating systems. The following table explains the behaviour of the reboot message in different operating systems:
Operating system Reboot dialog means:
Windows NT4.0/Windows 2000 Log off
Windows 98 Reboot, mandatory
Windows 95/OSR2 Reboot, if confirmed

In Windows 98 operating system, the reboot is necessary since layout files are locked and can be changed only during the reboot. In Windows NT4.0 or Windows 2000 it is necessary to reboot if you are installing over default keyboard.

Keyboard Installation
If you press Install layout button or doubleclick on the selected layout, you can install another layout over the selected one. Pressing the Install layout button invokes the file open dialog, which will be used to choose which layout to install.

Layout files are KLM2000 files. When you choose one, this program will install it over selected layout. You can download layouts from here. Layout files are protected with the signature. If the layout file is signed as a public layout, it can be installed without any registration fee and 30 day trial limitation is not applied. However, any other layout can be installed using registered Loader only. Only approverd layouts can be installed.

Keyboard restoring
If you press the Restore button, you can restore the selected layout to the original layout. This option works for layouts that were changed using the Edit button.

Creating new layout
If you press New button, you can create a new layout, based on an existing layout. The new layout must be assigned to one of the existing languages. All this is done via New Keyboard dialog.

You cannot use more than one layout per language under Windows 9x operating systems. This limitation is shown on the same dialog if you install this program under Windows 9x OS.

There are certain programs that are ignoring changes made by this program. They are mainly Unix environment emulators and similar software. Here is the list of reported software that ignores changes made by this program:

  • XwinPro (v5.1)
  • Exceed
  • CodeWright

This program is made by M. Vidakovic and I. Milijasevic. This program is shareware.