Keyboard Layout Manager
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If you agree with registration and usage terms, download this program by clicking on a link below.

32-bit version:

Edition Size (approx.) Mirror site
Lite 905 KB
Medium 905 KB
2000 demo 905 KB
Keyboard Layout Loader 776 KB

64-bit version (x64 platform):

Edition Size (approx.) Mirror site
Lite 905 KB
Medium 905 KB
2000 demo 905 KB
Keyboard Layout Loader 776 KB


Additional files Size (approx.) Mirror site
KLM Macro Key 1.2 MB
US layout with Euro 10 KB
PLK multilingual layout by Pavel Lama�ka.

10 KB ZIP with PL/CE KLM layout
Michael Dietrich Euro layout 10 KB

There is a diacritic tutorial (in a HTML form) which explains dead keys and diacritics. Click here to download.

There is a ligature tutorial (in a HTML form) which explains ligatures. Click here to download.

NOTE: If you have Keyboard Layout Manager version prior to 2.91, then you should uninstall that older version before installing a 2.91 or later version.

Pro and 2000 editions are available only as personalized copies. If you register Pro or 2000 edition, you will get your own personalized copy. You need to install Lite, Medium or 2000 Demo edition in order to upgrade to Pro or 2000 edition (Pro and 2000 are distributed as an upgrade).

Version History
Current version is 2.925. Here is the list of the most recent changes:

ver 2.925
*Adjusted to the Windows 7 and Windows 8.
*Added CharMap button on the Keyboard Editor window which opens the Character Map window.

ver 2.911
*Vista users now have a warning message regarding information how to run this program.

ver 2.91XP
*Introduced 64-bit version of this program.
*Program now works under Microsoft Vista operating system.

ver 2.90XP
*Corrected a bug regarding large number of diacritics.
*Corrected a bug regarding key names.

ver 2.89XP
*Added Lock Subset feature. This feature locks current subset so it does not change when you click on keys.

ver 2.88XP
*Added hardware layout appearance. Now you can set the type of the keyboard that is similar (or equal) to yours.

ver 2.87XP
*Added five special keys editing (Esc, Return, Tab, Space and Backspace). Affects 2000 and Pro editions only.

ver 2.86.XP
*Added support for Power and WakeUp keys. Affects 2000 and Pro editions only.
*Corrected a bug with Numpad "/" key.

ver 2.85.XP
*Added ShiftLock and LRM/RLM features.

ver 2.84.XP
*Corrected a bug regarding XP freezing.
*Corrected a bug regarding Caps Alternate and Caps Lock (AltGr) reset.
*Corrected a bug regarding blank Enter key when saving layout.

ver 2.83.XP
*Added support for "None Joiner Space" (can be found in Farsi language).

ver 2.82.XP
*Added unofficial Lao support.
*Corrected wrong Uzbek abbreviation.

ver 2.81.XP
*Corrected wrong Georgian LCID.

ver 2.80.XP
*Ligatures have 16 characters maximum now.

ver 2.79.XP
*Added 17 new languages.

This program is made by M. Vidakovic and I. Milijasevic. This program is shareware.