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General information

This program helps you in creating keyboard macros. Keyboard macro is a sequence of key strokes (down and up key strokes). The program waits for the activation hotkey and then triggers a sequence of key strokes. Activation hotkey is a key (e.g. F11) or a key combination (e.g. Alt+F7) that needs to be pressed in order to have macro sequence started. This program works with Windows 98 and Windows ME operating systems. Also, it works with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Vista operating systems. It was not tested with Windows 95 and Windows NT4.0 operating systems.

This program can be useful if you have a subnotebook and have key combinations that usually require two hands. For example, on some notebooks you need to press Fn + DOWN ARROW to have Page Down key pressed. This requires two hands. With this software, you can make Ctrl + DOWN ARROW to simulate the Page Down key and this requires one hand.

This program is a part of our keyboard-supporting software. Please check the Keyboard Layout Manager page

When you start this program, you will find a program icon in the system tray. When you right click on the icon, you will find the following options:

You need to distinct characters from key strokes. This program simulates key strokes. This means that this program simulates pressing and releasing of the keys. Two or more keystrokes can generate characters if the appropriate keys are simulated. For example, if the program simulates one key down and one key up (key pressed and then released) key stroke of the 'A' key, it will produce the 'a' character. However, if the program simulates one one key down and one key up key stroke of the 'F1' key, it will simulate pressing the F1 key. More information can be found at the Keystroke Editor page. If you want to have some special characters generated by your keyboard, you can look at the Keyboard Layout Manager page.

Main program window

Click on the fields on the picture for an explanation

This program is shareware. You can register program at the Registration page.

Hide main program window
If you press Hide button, you will hide main program window. You will not terminate the application. To terminate application, you need to click on the Terminate button.

Terminate the application
If you press Terminate button, you will terminate the program.

If you press the Editor button, you will invoke the
Keystroke Editor.

Reload Settings
If you changed settings while KLMMacroKey was running, use this option to reload settings. If you use the Keystroke Editor for changing settings, you do not need to reload settings - they are reloaded automatically. This option is used only if you change settings manually.

Disable/enable program
If you use this option, you will temporarily disable/enable the program. If you disable the program, this option will change its caption to Enable.


This program is made by M. Vidakovic and I. Milijasevic. This program is shareware.